Anything can happen in Bangladesh


Exempli gratia, I saw a bus colliding with a boat in Tongi. There is a certain part which is pretty low, and waterlogging is a fast phenomenon there, so people keep boats handy. Not some cruiser, but not palm dinghees either. At least 10-12 men could accomodate themselves on these vessels.

Well, our buses can wade through waterlogged roads if they are allowed to rub the dividers when they move [typically all roads in Bangladesh is like the back of an Elephant, high in the middle, low around the edges], and they can wade with a respectable speed. The boatman was cruising along the road, with comfortable ease, and underestimated the driver who was in charge of the wheels. The bus driver, perhaps, was pissed to see such a parasite on the road. Who cares if an alien gets thumped?

The Boatman was furious. Not only his boat got a shake, he was wet from the sprinkling water. He wielded his log and greeted the driver with warm news of intimacy with the driver’s mother. The driver delegated a surprising message of coincidence, that the boatman’s mother also received some thumps from him, and she got wet too.

Well, these two guys was actually on the same boat, same vessel we love so much and call our motherland. Anything can happen here, don’t get surprised. Just keep your tongue ready, it will weasel you out.


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